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Repairing your Roof & Chimney

Roof and Chimney Repair

One of the most enjoyable features in a home is the fireplace. Long cozy evenings with a cup of hot chocolate and a good movie to watch is what makes the winter season so relaxing. Watching the colorful flames dancing just above hot glowing embers in the fireplace can inspire a romantic atmosphere. What could be better than an evening cuddle by the fireplace?

Everything is perfect… except that ugly annoying stain on the ceiling around the fireplace where the chimney has leaked. Yuk! That looks gross! Why are my eyes being drawn to that stain? Well so much for that perfect evening. Call for help!

Fortunately the problem with the chimney can be repaired and the stain on the ceiling taken care of so you can fully enjoy your fireplace on those cold winter days and nights.

Most water leaks are caused by rain or melting snow. They usually get noticed because of the nicotine colored stain that appears on the ceiling. One of the most common areas for leaks is around the chimney. And it is more often than not the flashing where the chimney enters the attic on the roof. Flashing is a metal sheets or strips used to stop water from penetrating the roof.

Around every chimney flashing is installed around the perimeter of the chimney where it meets the roof line. Often the flashing is rusted and allows water to enter, or the sealer has gotten hard and cracked, or it may have just been installed incorrectly.

To take care of the problem the flashing may only need to have new roofing sealant applied. The old caulk or sealant must be cut away with a utility knife or scraper and new sealant or roofing caulk re-applied. A more complex problem may involve removing some of the shingles around the chimney, new sheets of flashing or step flashing may need to be addressed and then new shingles replaced.

The interior damage to the sheetrock ceiling may vary. A small stain may only need to be sealed with a stain sealer such as KILZ and then painted, or it may call for removing the part of the sheetrock ceiling that is damaged entirely. In that case the insulation and the sheetrock would have to be replaced. The new sheetrock would have to be taped, floated, with joint compound and then textured to match the existing texture.

Some chimney repair calls for cutting into the chimney with a masonry saw to replace the old or damaged flashing. Often high volumes of water runoff around the chimney may call for custom fitted flashing. It will need to be designed, cut, and installed by a professional. A quick fix is almost always a temporary fix. Calling a qualified professional is the best route to take when the job is complex.

Remember if you are (DIY) doing it yourself, stay safe. Always use safe, ladders, harnesses, gloves, and tools.


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Repairing your roof and chimney