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Installing a Cricket on the Backside of your Chimney

Jiminey Cricket! I have an idea! Let’s install a cricket on your roof on the backside of the chimney.

Hey, that is a good idea… what’s a cricket? And why is it called a cricket?

Well, a cricket is a roof structure with a ridge design in order to divert water and debris. They are most often found on the roof, on the high side of the chimney to preventing too much run off water from hitting the chimney head on during a rain storm. By diverting the water around the chimney it prevents possible water leaks. Those leaks around the chimney can be easily spotted by the stains on the ceiling area around the fireplace inside the house.

Where does the name “chimney cricket” come from? Some in the construction industry say the name came from Walt Disney’s grasshopper animation character Jimmy Cricket, which sounded a lot like jiminey cricket, and over time morphed into the construction term “Chimney Cricket.” Crickets are also known as saddles. Both terms are synonymous… they divert water and debris.

Chimney structures are problematic when the design for the chimney has not been carefully thought through. Crickets are a great solution. Leaks around chimneys are common because of poor roof design and flashing and shingle installation. Having a cricket properly installed above the chimney can thwart the chances of having leaks greatly. Some city building codes call for crickets to be installed when the width of the chimney width reaches a certain distance, usually 30 inches.

Crickets can be made from several different types of metal. Some are made from galvanized steel, others are made of stainless steel, and then some are made from aluminum. But not all are metal. Some crickets are covered with the same material used on your roof such as composition shingles, blending right in with your roof.

Proper installation of flashing and ice and water shield is very important when installing a cricket. You can install a cricket or saddle yourself if you do the proper “how to” research and have confidence in yourself as a competent handyman. Put safety first. Make sure you have a safe ladder and all the correct tools necessary for the job. When installed correctly a cricket should give you peace of mind that you will be free of any problems with your chimney when it rains or snows.

Be sure to contact a qualified professional if you have any doubt that you are qualified to handle the job. When it comes to protecting your home from all types of weather conditions it is always wise to insist on the best product and workmanship available. Depending on what part of the country you live in, many homeowners are often the most qualified to do the job themselves.

So, Jiminey Cricket, whether you are doing the job yourself or depending on a local roofing contractor to do it for you, get that cricket installed.

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How To Install A Roof Cricket