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Tyler, Texas is well-known as the “Rose Capital of America.”

There are acres and acres of beautiful roses, all tended to lovingly with care. There is a reason it is the rose capital. The Rose Garden of America is breathtaking, but it did not become the rose capital overnight.

Tyler, Texas was established in 1846, named in honor of President John Tyler, for agreeing to Texas becoming a part of the United States of America. When first established, cotton and corn were the most usually grown crops. Fruit orchards were growing in popularity as well. In 1879, the first rose bushes were planted, as recorded in history.

Fruit orchards were not doing well, even though one million fruit plants had been planted by the 1900s. The fruit would die easily, due to freezes, droughts, and sickness in the fruit, especially peaches. When the farmers decided that growing fruit just was not going too well, they turned to growing roses. It grew easily in Tyler, Texas’ climate and soil.

By the 1920s, the rose industry had become very popular. It had grown into a major business, like corn and cotton was. More than half of the roses in America were grown in Tyler, Texas by 1940.

Rose bushes in Tyler TX

Image Credit: Flickr Robert Nunnally

Dr. Eldon Lyle

Dr. Eldon Lyle helped found the Texas Rose Research Foundation (1946) with a few other rose experts after moving to Tyler, Texas in 1937. He remained the leader for many years after its establishment. Two hundred nursery men and fifteen hundred employees ran the rose growing business in Tyler, Texas. Smith County, the county that Tyler is located in, grew eighty percent of the crop. In the fifties, twenty million roses had been grown by three hundred rose growers. Rose processing also became popular. Tyler, Texas processed both homegrown roses and roses from out of state, like California and Arizona.

By the time the nineteen seventies rolled along, over fifteen million bushes of roses were being grown and shipped off across America every single year. By the nineties, any competition outside of the state had disappeared. Unstable weather and struggling crops pretty much eliminated the competition by making it too hard to grow their roses. Today, most of Texas is not interested in growing roses anymore. It is almost completely limited to Smith County, and especially Tyler, Texas.

Now Tyler, Texas is celebrated for the beautiful roses they have grown for so long. It is not hard to find a place to purchase a rose in Smith County. Chamblee’s Rose Nursery, Tate Rose Nursery, Lone Star Rose Nursery, Mea Nursery, and Sexton Roses are some of the most notable nurseries to buy roses. There are, however, many other places to buy them.

If you would like to purchase cut roses for your sweetheart, or your mom, or for some special occasion, one of the Tyler Residents has a van parked near Einstein Brothers Bagels, and she sells beautiful roses of varying colors and reasonable prices. It is even recommended by the city of Tyler that you go and support her business!

Stop and smell the roses, friends.

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